Camera Sign-Out & Develop

Take your own pictures. You will be provided one of our Point-and-Shoot 35mm cameras to take out on the town. You will have between 15-20 exposures to choose from for your development experience. Great option for the explorer

The session time of 90 minutes doesn't include customer picture taking time. Customers must pick camera(s) up 2 hours prior to their scheduled session. We allow customers to pick up camera(s) up 24 hours prior to their scheduled. Customers arriving withing 60 minutes of their scheduled session to pick up camera(s) will be re-scheduled to a later session.


Note: If your session is scheduled for Thursday at 1:30pm, these customers are allowed to pick up camera(s) on the last available date the business is open which is the previous Sunday.


$65.00 Per Person


please read the information above and check the box to register