4 Reasons Why Physical Photos Are Better Than Digital

Digital photos are great because they’re fast and you can take a bunch of them without having to change rolls of film, but there’s a lot that makes them less valuable and less fun that physical photos. Below are four reasons that we think physical photos are better than digital.

Physical Photos Last Longer

Physical photos are better than digital because they can last a lifetime —  and then some! There is something about having a physical photograph in your hands that just feels right. A sip and print session shows this well —  people love to walk away with their own printed masterpieces that connect them to a specific time and place.


You’ll Always Be Able To Access Physical Photos

You’re only one broken phone, crashed computer, or lost password away from losing your digital photos. Also, digital file formats may not be readable in the future, so print them now! With a sip and print session, all of your memories stay safe and sound thanks to the developed photos you print right here in Silver Spring.


Printed Photos Make Great Gifts

Physical photos also make great gifts —  whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or another special occasion. When you feel like giving the gift of memories to someone close to you, Sip and Print is here! With our affordable prices and incredible atmosphere, we know that the memory of making your print will last as long as the gratitude your gift inspires.


Printed Photos Are Fun To Develop

At Sip & Print, we think that developing your prints is half the fun of a photograph! When you come to us for a sip and print session, you’ll be able to hang out with your friends or family members, enjoy some drinks, and learn how to print photos. No developing skills required —  we’ll teach you how to do everything.


Contact us today to set up a time for your group to visit Sip & Develop in Silver Spring. We know that you’ll fall (back) in love with printed photos as soon as you arrive.