Darkroom Developing Kit Film Processing 120 135 35mm 10x Magnifier Opener Timer



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120 135 35mm Darkroom Film Processing Equipment Kit
The developing tank and spiral reels can be accommodated the 2 rolls of 135/35mm films at a time or 1 roll of 120 film, made of unbreakable plastic, the spirals compatible with Peterson and other tanks on the market. The timer clock have 3 independent channels can be started independently or simultaneously, clock in HR/MIN/SEC, AM/PM format. The chemical bottle have wide bottle mouth, suitable for all photographic chemicals including developer, stopper and fixer. The 10x magnifier loupe made of optical grade glass, it’s more clear, high contrast, and let you see more details.

Attention: Please leave note our store , for choosing 120 film storage pages or 135 35mm storage pages. If no special note, we will send the 135 35mm one.

Package included:
1. Timer clock x1

2. Chemical bottle x3 (color in black or white, send in random but mostly in black color.)
3. Large changing bag x1

4. 135 35mm acid-free archival storage page x5

or 120 acid-free archival storage page x5

5. Rubber gloves x3

6. Film canister opener x1

7. 120 135 developing tank with 2 spiral reels x1

8. 1000ml plastic measuring cup x2

9. 50ml plastic measuring cylinder x1

10. 25ml plastic measuring cylinder x1

11. Film Clip x5

12. Thermometer stirrer x1

13. 10x viewing loupe magnifier x1

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